Mekong Delta private tour: List of destinations you can not miss

Mekong Delta private tour, which will give tourists chance to enjoy the charming beauty of the Mekong Delta, will be the best choice to make your trip to Vietnam perfectly complete.

Located close to the Ho Chi Minh City, Mekong Delta is a particularly major commercial and cultural center in the southern region. Mekong River in Vietnam has 2 main branches, Tien and Hau rivers. These two areas have created favorable conditions to develop the interlaced system of canals.

Moreover, diversity of flora and fauna have formed a diverse ecosystem for the Mekong Delta, creating beautiful landscapes. Mekong Delta private tour  is also famous for lots of ecologically friendly destinations such as national parks, bird sanctuaries with countless precious bird species and plants.

In addition, the Mekong Delta is also a land containing diverse cultures such as river culture which is clearly shown through floating markets, traditional folk festivals with unique cultural identities such as: Ba Chua Xu festival of Sam Mountain, Ook om bok festival, Bay Nui bull race, traditional folk arts typical of the river region such as cai luong, lyre tunes, dances, etc.

The charming beauty of the Mekong Delta and unique local living patterns have resulted in various developing campaigns for tourism in Mekong Delta, Vietnam. If you enjoy ecotourism, river tourism, cultural tourism, or being immersed in the greenery of fruit orchards, here are places that should be included in your Mekong Delta Private Tour.

Discovery of 4 legendary islands

Have a boat rowing through water channels and jungle to the four islands which are Dragon – Phoenix – Tortoise – Unicorn is such a great experience on your Mekong Delta private tour. These four islands are important attractions along water channels of Mekong River Tien that run through My Tho. 

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Tan Long Island

Tan Long Island or Dragon Island is the most popular of all and the one that is closer to center of My Tho. This island is easily accessible on your Mekong Delta Private Tour since it is the only island connected to My Tho by ferry line following the completion of the Rach Mieu bridge. As a result, you may visit this island by renting a bicycle at My Tho’s center. Tea-honey bees and rice liquor are prominent features of the island. Honey bee and rice liquor here will be such wonderful gifts for your friends and relatives at home.

Con Phung Island

Con Phung Island, also known as Phoenix Island, is located in the center of the My Tho River (a part of the Tien River). Con Phung is one of the most well-known Mekong Basin islands. During your Mekong Delta private tour, you can browse for unique local handicrafts and sample rural-style specialties in this exotic area known for its gorgeous surroundings. On the island, tourists may participate in a variety of exciting activities such as river sampan rides, crocodile fishing, and so on.

Tortoise Island

Tortoise Island is the smallest of the four-islands. However, it is abundant in tropical fruits, particularly dragon fruit, papaya and bananas. There are also regular performances of Vietnamese traditional music on this island, which is called Southern amateur music, a highly distinct traditional music genre of Vietnam. If you have chosen this journey, just immerse yourself in the vibe of Southern amateur music, you will certainly never be disappointed.

Thoi Son Island

Thoi Son island, with an area of around 1,200 hectares, is the biggest of the four dunes on this stretch of river and is regarded as the most harmonic in the Four Spirits Islands (Long – Lan – Quy – Phung). This island is usually compared to the Tien River’s rare pearls. The entire dune is covered in an enormous green, with a system of interconnected waterways, fertile soil, and luxuriant fruit trees throughout four seasons, making it a perfect attraction on your Mekong Delta private tour.

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Other picturesque sceneries at a glance

Tan Lap floating village

Situated in Tan Lap commune, Moc Hoa district, Long An province, Tan Lap floating village eco-tourism site is the destination where tourists will be immersed in the unique natural environment of the Southern Vietnam River. The tourist area includes approximately 5 hectares of construction, rest houses with administration buildings, parks, and dock areas. Melaleuca woodland, an excellent location for photography, sightseeing, and fishing, occupies the remaining 130 hectares of land that tourists may access the forest on foot or by canoe. 

Dong Tam snake farm

Situated about 9km west of My Tho City, Dong Tam Snake Farm, an interesting place that can be optionally added to your Mekong Delta Private Tour, is located in Binh Duc Commune, Chau Thanh District, Tien Giang Province is the Mekong Delta’s largest snake raising and snakebite treatment supplier. The farm is presently under military control, with a large collection of not just snakes but also other creatures such as crocodiles, bears, turtles, lambs, and ostriches. Some of them are mutant which is the result of Agent Orange spraying in the Mekong Delta during the war. Dong Tam Snake Farm has long been a popular tourist destination for both domestic and international tourists.

Tra Su Cajuput Forest

Not only is it endowed with natural beauty, but it is also one of the most calm sites in the area, and it is part of the national specialized forest system in Southern Vietnam. Tra Su cajuput forest Vietnam is a perfect place for ecological, scientific researchers, and visitors that enjoy environment and wild creatures and want to see a varied range of species on their Mekong Delta Private Tour.

The ideal approach to see the important sights of the forest is to take a motorboat and a sampan (dinghy) through the woodland. It permits a leisurely trip of all the significant sites throughout the ecological forest where many lotuses, water lilies and water hyacinths are growing healthily. When strolling along the forest, tourists do not only enjoy the spectacular view of nature but they can also listen to the magical music as performed by the birds (cormorant, stork, bittern…) of the forest and other jungle insects.

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Cultural beauty in the Western rural site of Viet Nam

A Mekong Delta private tour can’t be fully complete without spending some time experiencing the traditional lifestyle and special cultural features here. Here is the greatest place to get some fresh air, appreciate the scenic landscape of the Mekong Delta, and experience a really tranquil escape from the city’s bustling atmostphere.

Cai Rang Floating Market

To experience one of the most interesting cultural points on Mekong Delta private tour, let’s add Cai Rang floating market to your list. The market is located on Cai Rang river, Cai Rang district. Cai Rang floating market is famous for its unique and interesting elements. Although, the trading operations are always bustling everyday with clients from all around, the simplicity and real beauty of the floating market stay preserved from time to time. 

Floating Market in Mekong Delta Vietnam

Vinh Trang Pagoda

Vinh Trang Pagoda is located in My Phong Commune, about 3 kilometers from My Tho City’s center. Hue Dang, a Buddhist monk who used monies from the Buddhist faithful, built this site in 1849. It was extensively damaged by a large storm in 1904, and French colonists subsequently demolished a portion of its construction in 1861. As a result, the devout began to rebuild the pagoda later on. One of the most appealing aspects of the site is the presence of large Buddha sculptures in various styles. It carries a blend of European and Asian building styles, with features from French ornamental patterns, Romanesque style, Japanese tiles, and something of the like.

Mekong Delta private tour

Everywhere in Mekong Delta area in Viet Nam is is poetic, rustic and sincere, a strong cultural identity of the Mekong river. With the above suggestions, hope you will fullfill the blanks in your destination list on a Mekong Delta private tour. Wish you have an interesting trip and many fond memories. 

Mekong Delta private tour is a great experience for tourists to discover the nature and people of the southernmost part of the country. Do not miss the chance to come here when you reach Viet Nam.

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