Learn the story of a special man in Cu Chi Tunnels trip
Learn the story of a special man in Cu Chi Tunnels tour - visitors

Discover the heroic journey of Pham Van Coi (1940-1967), a former rubber barber who left his job to join the guerrillas in Cu Chi District’s Nhuan Duc Commune while exploring Cu Chi Tunnels trip.

Pham Van Coi, a renowned hero, was born in 1940 in the Nhuan Duc Commune of Cu Chi District. Known for his exceptional bravery and leadership, Pham Van Coi played a significant role in the resistance against American troops during the Vietnam War. Today, his name resonates throughout Cu Chi, with various locations named in his honor. This essay delves into the story of Mr. Pham Van Coi, highlighting his heroic acts, the development of Pham Van Coi Commune, and the opportunities it presents for tourists and investors.

Learn the story of a special man in Cu Chi Tunnels tour - Pham Van Coi village
Learn the story of a special man in Cu Chi Tunnels tour – Pham Van Coi village

A Heroic Figure

Participate on an interactive Cu Chi trip and learn about Pham Van Coi, a lowly rubber barber who heeded the call of his motherland in 1960, joining the heroic guerrilla forces. In 1963, during a pivotal attack by American troops on Cu Chi, Pham Van Coi’s exceptional leadership came to the forefront. Leading a fearless combat team, he ingeniously utilized homemade grenades to disable an American tank, etching his name in the annals of history as the first to employ this method in damaging enemy tanks in Cu Chi.

Learn the story of a special man in Cu Chi Tunnels tour - nursery school named after hero Pham Van Coi
Learn the story of a special man in Cu Chi Tunnels tour – nursery school named after hero Pham Van Coi

Pham Van Coi’s unwavering bravery continued to shine throughout the Crimp campaign in 1966. With his indomitable spirit, he fearlessly led his guerrilla group to confront the invaders, resulting in the demise of 111 American soldiers. Moreover, his strategic prowess led to the downing of seven helicopters, one jet, and the destruction of numerous motor vehicles. The impact of his courageous acts reverberated throughout the resistance efforts, earning him the esteemed posthumous title of Hero of the People’s Armed Forces in September 1967.

By joining Cu Chi Tunnels trip, you have the unique opportunity to walk in the footsteps of this legendary figure, tracing his heroic journey and gaining a profound understanding of his indelible contributions. Explore the historic sites where Pham Van Coi exhibited his unwavering determination and witness the tangible reminders of his extraordinary leadership. Immerse yourself in the rich narrative of his life, hearing stories passed down through generations, and gain a deep appreciation for his enduring legacy.

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Cu Chi Tunnels trip offers an immersive experience that goes beyond history, providing a comprehensive understanding of the profound impact Pham Van Coi had on the Cu Chi region and the nation as a whole. From exploring the historic battlefields to visiting commemorative sites and hearing captivating tales of his heroism, you will gain invaluable insights into Vietnam’s fight for freedom and independence.

Pham Van Coi Commune

Pham Van Coi’s remarkable contributions are etched in the very fabric of Cu Chi, as numerous locations proudly bear his name, serving as lasting reminders of his heroism and sacrifice. These include the esteemed Pham Van Coi farm, nurturing the land just as he nurtured the spirit of resistance. The Pham Van Coi kindergarten and schools, from primary to secondary level, stand as educational institutions where the values of courage and patriotism are instilled in the hearts of young minds.

Pham Van Coi Commune, established in 1976, initially carried the name Pham Van Coi 1. However, in July 1983, it was officially renamed Pham Van Coi, symbolizing the everlasting respect and admiration bestowed upon this extraordinary figure. Encompassing an area of 23.53 square kilometers, the commune thrives with a population density of 248 people per square kilometer as of June 2020.

Learn the story of a special man in Cu Chi Tunnels tour - a secondary school named after hero Pham Van Coi
Learn the story of a special man in Cu Chi Tunnels tour – a secondary school named after hero Pham Van Coi

While exploring Cu Chi on enlightening tours, you can witness firsthand the tangible legacies of Pham Van Coi’s heroism. Stand in awe at the Pham Van Coi farm, where his indomitable spirit lives on in the thriving fields. Visit the educational institutions that proudly bear his name, fostering knowledge and patriotism. In Ho Chi Minh city tour, you will immerse yourself in the vibrant Pham Van Coi Commune, where the community cherishes the legacy of their revered hero.

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Cu Chi Tunnels trip not only provides an opportunity to explore the historical significance of Pham Van Coi’s contributions but also offers a chance to engage with the resilient spirit of the local community. Experience the warmth and hospitality of the Cu Chi people, who proudly share their stories and traditions, ensuring that Pham Van Coi’s legacy lives on in the hearts of generations to come.

Agricultural and High-Tech Park

Within Pham Van Coi Commune, you will find the prestigious Agricultural and High-Tech Park (NNCNC) of Ho Chi Minh City. This visionary endeavor, initiated on July 14, 2004, and completed on April 22, 2010, spans an expansive area of 88.17 hectares, benefitting from substantial investment from the state budget. As a pioneering center of excellence, the park serves as a magnet for high-tech agricultural projects, revolutionizing the way crops are cultivated and produced.

Learn the story of a special man in Cu Chi Tunnels tour - Agricultural and High-Tech Park (NNCNC) of Ho Chi Minh City
Learn the story of a special man in Cu Chi Tunnels tour – Agricultural and High-Tech Park (NNCNC) of Ho Chi Minh City

At the Agricultural and High-Tech Park, a diverse array of high-tech agricultural production ventures thrives. The cultivation of exquisite plant varieties such as orchids, ornamental plants, clean vegetables, and medicinal plants takes place within this innovative space. Additionally, the park is renowned for its expertise in breeding ornamental fish, including the majestic discus and enchanting Koi carp. Moreover, the production of biological products for agricultural applications further exemplifies the commitment to cutting-edge practices. The significant development contributes a lot on Mekong Delta Tours, which makes a new appearance to international tourists.

The NNCNC stands as a testament to the allure of Vietnam tours VIP in general, Cu Chi Tunnels trip in particular, attracting not only investment but also curious visitors from far and wide. Four specialized centers under the Management Board further enhance the park’s capabilities. The High-tech Agricultural Incubation Center fosters and nurtures the growth of innovative agricultural enterprises. The High-tech Agricultural Research and Development Center serves as a hub for pioneering scientific advancements in the field. The Infrastructure Exploitation Center ensures the efficient functioning of the park’s essential facilities. Lastly, the High-tech Agriculture Vocational Training Center imparts valuable knowledge and expertise to aspiring agricultural enthusiasts.

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Learn the story of a special man in Cu Chi Tunnels tour - products
Learn the story of a special man in Cu Chi Tunnels tour – products

With 14 registered investors actively participating in the Agricultural and High-Tech Park, it thrives as a dynamic ecosystem of progress and collaboration. Cutting-edge agricultural practices and state-of-the-art facilities harmoniously coexist, propelling the sector to new heights of innovation and sustainability.

Cu Chi Tunnels trip provides an unparalleled opportunity to witness firsthand the remarkable advancements and achievements within the Agricultural and High-Tech Park. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of high-tech agriculture, where tradition meets modernity, and explore the transformative impact of these revolutionary practices. Gain insights into groundbreaking research, witness cutting-edge technologies in action, and witness the harmonious coexistence of nature and innovation.

The Agricultural and High-Tech Park within Pham Van Coi Commune is a testament to the remarkable progress and vision of Cu Chi. By joining Cu Chi Tunnels trip, you will have the privilege of experiencing firsthand the pioneering spirit and technological marvels that define this captivating destination. Prepare to be captivated by the intersection of tradition and innovation, as the NNCNC showcases the very best of high-tech agricultural practices, leaving an indelible impression on visitors from all walks of life.

Pham Van Coi’s heroic legacy and the development of Pham Van Coi Commune in Cu Chi have created a thriving environment for both tourism and investment. Visitors can explore the historical significance of the commune, which bears the name of a national hero. Additionally, the Agricultural and High-Tech Park and industrial clusters offer opportunities for investment and showcase the commune’s dedication to agricultural innovation and industrial development. Pham Van Coi Commune is an ideal destination for tourists and investors alike, showcasing the rich history and promising future of Cu Chi. When exploring Cu Chi, don’t miss the chance to visit the commune named after the revered hero, Pham Van Coi!

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