How to fully experience Green Farm Cu Chi travel?
How to fully experience Green Farm Cu Chi travel?

Located in Cu Chi, Green Farm has a different style that you can not find in Cu Chi travel. With peaceful environment, Green Farm is for you to immerse yourself in the vibe of countryside.

How to get to Saigon Green Farm

Whether you prefer the convenience of public transport or the freedom of a private vehicle, there are two distinct routes to reach this enchanting destination.

By Bus

Bus is a popular vehicle you see in Ho Chi Minh city tour. For ages, it becomes a symbol of modern Saigon.

How to fully experience Green Farm Cu Chi travel? - bus is a popular mean of transportation in Ho Chi Minh city
How to fully experience Green Farm Cu Chi travel? – bus is a popular mean of transportation in Ho Chi Minh city

Begin your Cu Chi travel adventure by catching bus route 92, which operates from Cho Lon bus station to Cu Chi bus station. Board the bus and prepare for a scenic ride through the vibrant streets of Saigon.

Upon arrival at Cu Chi bus station, it’s time to transfer to bus line 79, which travels from Cu Chi bus station to Ben Duoc temple. This transfer allows you to experience the changing landscapes as you venture towards your destination.

Alight at the provincial road 7 station, where you will be greeted by picturesque surroundings. As you step off the bus, a short walk of approximately 600 meters will lead you to the captivating entrance of Green Farm Saigon. Allow yourself to be captivated by the lush greenery and tranquil atmosphere that beckon ahead.

By Private Vehicle

How to fully experience Green Farm Cu Chi travel? - private vehicles are suitable for those who want to explore more about Vietnam's road
How to fully experience Green Farm Cu Chi travel? – private vehicles are suitable for those who want to explore more about Vietnam’s road

There is a typical private vehicle in Vietnam, which confuses many foreigners. If it is the first time you are in Vietnam tours, have a trying using it because this makes you unforgettable.

For a more personalized and flexible Cu Chi travel experience, opt for a private vehicle. Depart from Saigon and make your way to An Suong intersection. As you venture through the city’s bustling streets, take in the sights and sounds of Ho Chi Minh City.

Continue your journey along National Highway 22, where the picturesque landscapes will offer glimpses of the Vietnamese countryside. As you traverse the terrain, you’ll approach the majestic Cu Chi overpass, a key landmark on your path to Cu Chi Green Farm.

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After crossing the overpass, continue riding for approximately 2 kilometers until you arrive at Nguyen Thi Ranh street. The idyllic charm of this road will guide you forward, leading you closer to the allure of Cu Chi Green Farm.

To complete your Cu Chi travel, make a right turn and continue for about 10 kilometers along Nguyen Thi Ranh street. Allow the tranquility of the journey to envelop you as you approach Nong Trang Xanh—the epitome of eco-tourism and agricultural splendor in the style of Japan and Korea.

Cu Chi Green Farm awaits, promising a tapestry of nature’s beauty, sustainable practices, and engaging activities for you to enjoy. Whether you opt for the convenience of public transportation or the liberty of a private vehicle, your exploration of this eco-zone will undoubtedly leave you with cherished memories of your Vietnam tour. Immerse yourself in the serenity and cultural richness of Cu Chi Green Farm, a haven that seamlessly harmonizes with the natural splendors of Vietnam’s captivating landscapes.

What does Cu Chi Green Farm have?

Cu Chi Green Farm offers a variety of activities and attractions for visitors to enjoy:

Cu Chi Green Farm presents an array of captivating experiences that seamlessly blend the charm of Cu Chi travel. Immerse yourself in the following delightful activities as you journey through this eco-zone paradise:

Mushroom Harvesting Experience:

How to fully experience Green Farm Cu Chi travel? - visitors experience harvesting mushrooms in the farm
How to fully experience Green Farm Cu Chi travel? – visitors experience harvesting mushrooms in the farm

Step into the world of fungi and participate in a unique mushroom harvesting adventure, you feel that you are in a small world of Mekong delta tours. Cu Chi Green Farm boasts a rich variety of mushrooms, including the esteemed Ganoderma lucidum, oyster mushrooms, abalone mushrooms, cat mushrooms, chicken thighs, and wood ear mushrooms. As you pick these delectable gems, enjoy yourself in the art of mushroom cultivation and harvesting, guided by the farm’s skilled experts. Learn about the vital role of mushrooms in eco-friendly agricultural practices, making this experience not only enjoyable but also educational.

Visit the Smurf Village:

Transport yourself into a fairy-tale realm as you explore the charming Smurf Village at Cu Chi Green Farm. Wander through houses adorned with beautiful textures and colors, each exuding an enchanting aura that transports you to a different world. Discover adorable Smurf statues and playful tools, inviting you to capture delightful check-in moments amidst this picturesque village. This whimsical escapade is sure to awaken your inner child and create lasting memories of your journey.

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Farm Activities:

Become one with nature and embrace the life of a farmer as you engage in a range of farm activities. Feed goats and sheep, nurturing a sense of connection with these endearing animals. Experience the gentle art of milking cows, a skill passed down through generations, and feel the joy of giving back to the land. The farm’s tranquil lake offers the perfect setting for fishing, where you can try your hand at catching fish, and perhaps even learn traditional fish processing techniques from the locals.

Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Farm:

Immerse yourself in the bountiful world of fresh produce at Cu Chi Green Farm’s fruit and vegetable gardens. Delight in the opportunity to harvest vibrant vegetables and pluck ripe fruits, all grown using advanced biotechnology for utmost food safety and hygiene. Armed with a basket full of fresh ingredients, partake in preparing and relishing delicious dishes that reflect the essence of Vietnamese cuisine.

How to fully experience Green Farm Cu Chi travel? - harvesting fruit is an unforgettable moment for travellers
How to fully experience Green Farm Cu Chi travel? – harvesting fruit is an unforgettable moment for travellers

Virtual Living in the Flower Garden:

Indulge in the beauty of nature as you check-in at Cu Chi Green Farm’s enchanting flower gardens. Stroll along romantic purple flower roads, adorned with the breathtaking hues of blooming orchids and sunflowers. Every corner presents a perfect backdrop for capturing beautiful photos, creating cherished souvenirs of your journey to this floral wonderland.

Kite Flying and Swimming:

Experience timeless joy with kite flying on the farm’s large open field. Feel the wind beneath the kite’s wings as it soars high above, symbolizing freedom and happiness. After an exhilarating kite-flying session, unwind and relax at the farm’s inviting swimming pool. The cool water offers respite from the warmth of the day, allowing you to rejuvenate both body and mind.

Delightful Specialties:

How to fully experience Green Farm Cu Chi travel? - cassava is a speciality in Cu Chi
How to fully experience Green Farm Cu Chi travel? – cassava is a speciality in Cu Chi

Savor the flavors of Cu Chi Green Farm with an exquisite feast of delightful specialties. After a day filled with excitement and exploration, indulge in the farm’s mouthwatering dishes, which include grilled snakehead fish, steamed chicken, delectable pancakes, and mouthwatering mannequins. Each dish carries the essence of Vietnamese culinary heritage, leaving a lasting impression on your taste buds.

Cu Chi Green Farm seamlessly combines the essence of Cu Chi travel, offering an unparalleled experience that celebrates nature, tradition, and the richness of Vietnam’s agricultural heritage. Prepare to be captivated by the magic of this eco-zone paradise as you embark on an unforgettable journey that will stay with you for a lifetime.

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Notes when going to Cu Chi Green Farm

Before starting on your Cu Chi travel to Cu Chi Green Farm, take note of these essential tips to ensure a memorable and enjoyable experience:

Easy Access and Navigation:

Cu Chi Green Farm is conveniently located and easily accessible from Ho Chi Minh City and Cu Chi district. If you’re unsure of the route, you can rely on Google Maps for accurate directions. Alternatively, don’t hesitate to seek guidance from friendly locals, who are always willing to help with directions and recommendations.

Sun Protection and Necessary Tools:

As you explore the vast expanse of Cu Chi Green Farm, be mindful of the tropical climate and take measures to protect yourself from the sun. Apply sunscreen liberally to shield your skin from harmful UV rays. Additionally, bring along a hat, sunglasses, and a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated to completely engage in Cu Chi travel.

Respect the Ecological Area:

To preserve the pristine beauty of Cu Chi Green Farm, it’s essential to adhere to the ecological area’s regulations. Dispose of garbage responsibly in designated bins and refrain from littering. Be respectful of the farm’s animals and follow guidelines for feeding them, maintaining their well-being, and the general cleanliness of the area.

Souvenir Shopping:

Don’t miss the chance to take home a piece of Cu Chi Green Farm’s charm. Consider purchasing fresh fruits like golden melon, sunflower, and beef tomato as unique and delightful souvenirs. These locally grown fruits carry the essence of the farm and make for perfect gifts for friends and family.

Overnight Stay and Camping:

For a truly immersive experience, you have the option of an overnight stay at Cu Chi Green Farm. Embrace the tranquility of the countryside and the embrace of nature. The farm offers a dedicated resting area for guests to unwind after a day of exploration. If you prefer a more adventurous stay, bring your tent and camp under the stars, embracing the serenity of the farm after dusk.

Tram Tour Service:

If walking isn’t your preferred mode of transportation, Cu Chi Green Farm has you covered with a convenient tram tour service. Hop on the tram and enjoy a comfortable ride around the farm’s enchanting landscapes. With a capacity of up to 8 people per round, this service is ideal for families or groups seeking a relaxed and leisurely tour of the farm.

With these essential tips in mind, your Cu Chi travel at Cu Chi Green Farm are set to be an enchanting experience. Embrace the beauty of nature, the warmth of Vietnamese hospitality, and the charm of sustainable agricultural practices. As you delve into the wonders of this eco-zone paradise, create lasting memories that will forever resonate with the cultural richness and natural splendor of Vietnam.

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