Explore the Central Highlands on a Cu Chi travel
Explore the Central Highlands on a Cu Chi travel - picturesque view of Fasaco

Cu Chi is often known as a land with many historical sites. However, in Cu Chi travel, there is a Central Highlands in the heart of Cu Chi called Fosaco ecological village.

Cu Chi, a district located near Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, is a place of immense historical significance. Renowned for its role during the Vietnam War, Cu Chi offers visitors a unique opportunity to explore the underground network of tunnels used by Vietnamese soldiers. However, Cu Chi is not only about war remnants; it also boasts natural beauty, cultural experiences, and eco-tourism attractions. One such attraction is the Cu Chi ethnic minority cultural eco-tourism area, also known as Fosaco eco-village. This charming destination, situated just a short distance from the Cu Chi Tunnels, offers a serene and culturally rich environment. Visitors can immerse themselves in the traditions, architecture, and lifestyle of the Central Highlands ethnic groups, making it an ideal addition to any Cu Chi travel itinerary.

Explore the Central Highlands on a Cu Chi travel - welcome
Explore the Central Highlands on a Cu Chi travel – welcome

Geographic location of Fosaco

The Cu Chi ethnic minority cultural eco-tourism area, also known as Fosaco eco-village, is situated in the Nga Tu Hamlet of Nhuan Duc Commune, Cu Chi District. This picturesque location is located approximately 8 kilometers away from the famous Cu Chi Tunnels and can be reached within a one-hour motorbike ride from Ho Chi Minh City.

Despite being less than 10 kilometers away from the bustling city, Fosaco eco-village offers a serene and tranquil environment. It provides a refreshing escape from the noisy and dusty streets of Ho Chi Minh City. Visitors to this area can experience the beauty of nature, breathe in the fresh air, and immerse themselves in a green oasis.

In addition to its historical significance, Cu Chi is also a popular destination for eco-tourism. The area is characterized by lush green landscapes, scenic rice fields, and charming rural villages. Visitors can engage in various outdoor activities, such as cycling through the countryside, walking along nature trails, and visiting local farms.

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Combining a Cu Chi travel with ethnic minority cultural eco-tourism area and a Ho Chi Minh City tour provides a diverse and enriching travel experience. It offers the opportunity to witness the historical significance of Cu Chi and the surrounding area, while also exploring the vibrant and dynamic atmosphere of Ho Chi Minh City. Whether it’s exploring the underground tunnels, immersing in the local culture, or indulging in the city’s culinary delights, this combination promises a memorable journey for travelers.

Experiences when traveling to Fosaco Eco Village

Explore the Central Highlands on a Cu Chi travel - picturesque view of Fasaco
Explore the Central Highlands on a Cu Chi travel – picturesque view of Fasaco

Dubbed as the miniature Central Highlands in the heart of Saigon, Fosaco eco-village offers a unique architectural complex of garden houses that beautifully captures the essence of the Central Highlands. This allows visitors to experience a taste of the region’s distinct identity without having to travel to the far Central region.

In Cu Chi travel, you immerse oneself in the atmosphere of Fosaco eco-village, which provides an excellent opportunity to appreciate and connect with the culture of the Central Highlands. The architectural works within the resort are predominantly constructed using bamboo and wood, which creates a sense of being intimately connected with nature. The presence of typical communal houses and stilt houses further adds to the authenticity and charm of the Central Highlands experience. These architectural marvels are complemented by captivating stories that shed light on the traditions and heritage of the various ethnic groups in the Central Highlands, spanning across generations.

For travelers interested in exploring the Cu Chi District, Fosaco eco-village serves as a convenient base to begin their Cu Chi adventure.From the historical significance of Cu Chi to the captivating Central Highlands experience at Fosaco, and the exploration of various Vietnam tours, this comprehensive itinerary promises an enriching and unforgettable adventure for all.

Activities in Fosaco

Explore the Central Highlands on a Cu Chi travel - local activities
Explore the Central Highlands on a Cu Chi travel – local activities

Fosaco eco-village goes beyond storytelling and provides tourists with an immersive experience to learn about the beliefs, festivals, and daily life of ethnic groups in Vietnam. It offers a unique opportunity to witness and participate in the cultural beauty of these communities firsthand.

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The resort’s organizing committee takes great pleasure in regularly hosting special cultural contests that showcase the traditions and spiritual activities of the ancient Central Highlands. These contests allow visitors to gain a clear understanding of the rich cultural heritage and engage in the vibrant celebrations of the ethnic minorities.

Pig racing

One of the highlights of immersing oneself in the cultural space of the Central Highlands is the exhilarating pig racing. Watching the piglets race eagerly towards the feeders at the end of the track is a thrilling and enjoyable experience. This traditional activity offers a glimpse into the local customs and agricultural practices of the region.

Traditional craft

The tour at Fosaco eco-village continues to provide opportunities for visitors to experience the daily activities of the local people. A visit to the brocade weaving workshops, where girls skillfully create intricate patterns on textiles, offers a fascinating insight into the artistry and craftsmanship of the plateau’s ethnic communities. Additionally, witnessing the pottery techniques of the Choro people showcases their expertise and dedication to this traditional craft. These seemingly ordinary activities hold a special charm and leave a lasting impression, particularly for those experiencing them for the first time.

In addition to exploring the cultural offerings of Fosaco eco-village, travelers can also embark on an adventure to other notable destinations in Vietnam. Cu Chi travel presents a chance to delve into the historical significance of the region, while Mekong Delta tours offer an opportunity to discover the picturesque landscapes and unique way of life in this fertile river delta.

Especially, Cu Chi travel is the best choice for those who love daily life of ethnic minority of Vietnam but do not want to move away. Spending a little bit time and money, you will be lost in the world of Tay Nguyen village.

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Getting closer to Fosaco

Explore the Central Highlands on a Cu Chi travel - peace
Explore the Central Highlands on a Cu Chi travel – peace

Opening time

Fosaco eco-village welcomes visitors from 8am to 5pm every day. If you wish to extend your stay and enjoy an overnight experience, it is recommended to contact the resort in advance to make the necessary arrangements.

Ticket price

The admission fee for Fosaco eco-village is 30,000 VND per adult. This affordable price allows you to explore and immerse yourself in the cultural and natural wonders of the area.

Means of transportation

In terms of transportation options, you have the choice of taking a motorbike or utilizing public transportation to reach Fosaco eco-village.

By bus

If you prefer to travel by bus, you can embark on a convenient journey by following these steps: From Ben Thanh, you can catch bus 65 or 04 that will take you to An Suong. Upon reaching An Suong, transfer to bus 74, which will transport you to Cu Chi bus station. Once you have arrived at Cu Chi bus station, board bus 79, and inform the bus staff that you would like to be dropped off at the entrance to the Fosaco tourist area. The helpful staff will guide you accordingly, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free trip.

Explore the Central Highlands on a Cu Chi travel - bus
Explore the Central Highlands on a Cu Chi travel – bus

By motorbike

Alternatively, if you prefer the freedom and flexibility of riding a motorbike, you can embark on a scenic journey from Ho Chi Minh City to Fosaco eco-village. The approximate distance is 8 kilometers, and the ride takes around one hour. This option allows you to enjoy the beautiful landscapes and experience the thrill of the open road while heading towards your destination.

Regardless of the mode of transportation you choose, reaching Cu Chi travel and Fosaco eco-village is a straightforward and rewarding experience. Once you arrive, you can delve into the rich history and cultural offerings of Cu Chi and immerse yourself in the vibrant and authentic atmosphere of Fosaco eco-village.

Fosaco eco-village of Cu Chi travel adds a unique dimension to the travel experience, allowing visitors to connect with the diverse cultural heritage of the Central Highlands. With its architectural beauty, traditional activities, and immersive cultural encounters, Fosaco eco-village serves as a gateway to understanding the traditions, beliefs, and way of life of ethnic communities.

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