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Our Story

Vietnam Tours VIP is travel company in Viet Nam. Until 2017 our branch up to 5 branches in Viet Nam. The main office locate at 1012 Nguyen Xien st, Thu Duc Town, Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam. Our members are enthusiastic in work on purpose recommend the beauty of Viet Nam to the world.

Our Customer

Over the past 05 years, we have served more than 2.980.000 travellers from, Australia, North America, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korean, Chinese, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the rest from other European countries. We have also served a lot of Muslim travellers from around the world. Our Muslim markets are from Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, South Africa, and countries in the Middle East as well.

Our Mission Vietnam Tours VIP

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide our customers with luxury, unique and authentic services and tours that exemplify Asia and its culture. We offer unique, culturally immersive tours of Viet Nam on a daily basis. New exciting team building exercises designed for corporate clientele are also offered.
With a management team that consists of members with long-term academic and practical tourism industry experience, it is understood how important intimacy and comfort is for a tour. Every tour is conducted which is personalized to cater to the guests’ needs and comforts with superior attention to detail.
As our company motto states, we want our guests to enjoy a real “Viet Nam Tours”, and we stand by what we say. We strive to ensure that our guests visit different sites around the country that are off of the beaten tourist path, all the while making sure they have a wonderful time and the experience of a lifetime.

Founder Introduction

“I have been working over than 15 years in tourism industry. Experience then – and since – has taught me that you get back what you put in. An authentic experience, which reveals the soul of a place, is a gift given at the discretion of local people. We travel in places they call home. If tourism works for them, the opportunities for deeper and more joyful travel increase. Our customers love our holidays because local people prefer caring visitors, and go the extra mile to share their culture, foods, rituals and ways of life. We screen every holiday against our criteria for responsible travel – travel that maximizes the benefits to local people and places and reduces any negative impacts. You can read the evidence of how on every holiday page. Calling the company Star Vietnam Holidays Travel was a deliberately provocative (many told me foolish) act that was a challenge to the industry. Our Trip for a Trip initiative is something I’m very proud of – when you book a holiday we fund a day trip for a child from a disadvantaged background to see something they’ve never seen before – like the sea, a wild animal close to home, or museum of their history. On holiday, and in life, I think we should judge ourselves on how we can support those with fewer life advantages than us, and understand that we have much to learn from them. Wisdom, knowledge and kindness are often not the privilege of the traveler. I think of Star Vietnam Holidays Travel as a Trojan horse, embedded in the tourism industry changing it from within. My experience in business is that nothing is copied faster than a good example, and that is what we strive to be. I hope you’ll travel with us. I know you’ll enjoy yourself and be warmly welcomed locally.”

100 + Partners

100 + Partners

We have been cooperating with hundreds of travel partners in over the world and local area in fully supplying services, designing tours to our valuable customers

2k+ properties

2k+ properties

The joys of discovering the wonders of Vietnam, tasting the finest cuisines of each region and being welcomed by charming properties around the “S” country.

300+ destinations

300+ destinations

A fascinating country has enough beauty to fill a continent. From jagged mountains in north to tropical beaches in south, the wealth of history and culture in between

2k+ properties

40k+ booking

We provide land tours and cruise tours in most popular destinations of Vietnam after years of experience, understanding your concern and value of your vacation

Our Leadership Team


Phuoc Thanh Dang

QC Manager


Phuong Thanh Nguyen

DMC Advisor

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Donald Wolf

Key Account Manager


Luc Ho Trong

Sale Support


Eric Hung Pham



Lee Cung Ham


Quynh Anh Diana

HR Manager


Lucky Ho